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As a Quick Base® Developer, ETM offers solution built with Apps from Quickbase, Inc. We have focused on creating a complete suite of Add-ons that work with Quickbase, Inc. products. This approach was created to ensure that your business processes can be effectively automated and optimized. Our extensive business systems experience and consulting services combine to enable us to quickly define advanced solutions for any program, project, or service business need.


As a Quick Base® Developer of Apps ETM initially created a proven 3-phase, 7-step methodology to rapidly define requirements and create solutions centered on platforms that are now offered by Quickbase, Inc. We did this for our Fortune 500 clients such as 3M, Danaher, Rackspace, as well as major universities. Our clients also include many construction companies including a large multinational Construction Management firm. Our approach to solution also works extremely well for clients that run a services businesses or have any project based work needs.


ETM is a Consultant and a Solution Developer. We creat Apps using products from Quickbase, Inc. Our comprehensive solution approach ensures that you get all the automation you need – when you need it. This is becase we define complete solution architecture. This approach to system design ensures efficient support of advanced automation. It also ensures that when needed we can easily provide Quick Base Add-ons or custom integration’s into other cloud or legacy systems. This approach is used to create complete architecture with forward compatibility. It helps ensure you will be ready to address evolving needs as you grow from a small business into a Fortune 500 company.

Quick Base® Developer Examples

Example #1

ETM worked as a consultant and as a Quick Base® developer to upgrade a multi-national online program management system. We added automated activity based cost accounting and supply chain feedback loops into project management systems.  We used this to help a fortune 100 customer ensure that business process owners had the information they needed to successfully execute projects against major programs on multiple continents.

Example #2

As a consultant company we created an online construction project management system for a large multi-national construction management customer. We implemented real-time activity based cost accounting and mobile image capture. This was used to ensure accurate real-time project completion info with rapid issue resolution. Once completed our customer was able to rollup real-time information on all active projects with complete costs vs budgets results.  The daily field images were very effictive in stopping issues. Examples are invoices were not paid for work that was not done or work that was not done correctly. Also the images greatly reduced both jobsite visits and issues. In general issues did not stay unresolved and this meant our client missed fewer deadlines.


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ETM Quick Base® App Developer Modules

ETM tools work together to offer a complete suite of Add-ons for applications built on the Quick Base platform.

Auto generate documents then email them as attachments direct from your Quick Base® App
Store documents in Rackspace Cloud (at a fraction of the cost of APP Storage)
Automate document placement into Rackspace Cloud (a fraction of the cost of APP Storage)
Combine Document+ with QBooks+ and auto generate invoices from Quick Base.
Email surveys (even to smartphones) and put replies directly into your App
Combine auto generate and send PDF, Word or Excel documents from Quick Base
Optimized reporting capabilities for your Quick Base application.
Backup and store your QuickBooks data in the cloud and manipulate it in your Quick Base App using ETM File+ Add-on.