Quick Base Add-ons

Quick Base Add-ons from ETM were developed as a complete suite of plugins specifically designed to more efficiently automate the functionality of your custom applications built on a platform from Quick Base Inc.

ETM QBooks +

Provide access to QuickBooks data in your Applications running on a Quickbase, Inc. platform

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ETM Document+

Create Microsoft Word, Excel or PDF documents populated with data from a Quickbase, Inc. platform.

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ETM Integration+

Aggregate data from multiple applications and sources and manipulate it in App running on a Quickbase, Inc. platform

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ETM Email+

Turn your Quickbase, Inc. platform into a powerful email marketing and sales tool

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ETM FileStore+

Cost effective file storage for Quick Base document attachments

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ETM QBreport+

Add complex multivariate reporting capabilities to Apps running on Quickbase, Inc. platform

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ETM WebForms+

Automate and extend website forms when using Apps created on Quickbase, Inc. platform

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ETM QBforms+

Extend the functionality of native forms offred by Quickbase, Inc.

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ETM Autostore+

Backup and store your QuickBooks data in the cloud and manipulate it in an online App running on Quickbase, Inc. platform.

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  QBautomation+ System

Automate document creation, document storage and email sending from inside of Quick Base

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Automate email delivery from inside of a Quick Base app with all the security and delivery features of Rackspace Mailgun integrated with your current email system.

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Automatically back up files from any folder and make them viewable in Quick Base apps as provided by Quickbase, Inc.

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Quick Base App Automation

ETM’s online addons and custom integrations are designed to take full advantage of automations enabled by applications such as those from Quickbase, Inc. We focus on what online Apps can do then we fill gaps in automation with our online Add-ons or custom integrations as needed. Enabling quick effiecient document creation with automated document storage.  We even enable you to email documents you create right from inside of Application when run on a platform such as the one offred by Quick Base Inc. Its not a suprise that fortune 500 clients chose ETM Solutions when they need to get the most out of there investment when using a tool like the platform from Quickbase, Inc.